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Who We Are

Our team is composed of data-driven nerds focused on helping entrepreneurs with innovative ideas bring their projects to life. Our primary objective is to create customer-centric web and mobile applications that are user-friendly, reliable, professional and affordable.

No-Code Web App Development
Wireframing and Design (UX/UI)
MVP Launching
AI Applications
Mobile Apps
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NoCode Web Application Development
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Wireframing and Design (UX/UI)
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MVP Launching
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CRM and Databases
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Mobile Apps
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“My leadership approach emphasizes empowering team autonomy, fostering a culture of responsibility and initiative across IT, B2B and Web3 industries. ”

Alexandr Kamenev

CEO, Nerdheadz
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Our Achievements


Biggest Bubble.io Agency Worldwide


Job Success, Top Rated Bubble.io Agency on Upwork


Global Award winner for Web Development services on Clutch
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Bubble.io Certified Development and QA Teams

Our Purpose

We want to help startups and small or medium-sized businesses to go live quickly with our web/mobile app design, activate their online presence and arm themselves with the ability to get their solutions to their end-user’s device.

Since the world is switching from huge companies to local & small businesses, who often provide more bespoke, more valuable, more client-oriented services, lack of funding to develop a custom code high-end web app results in thousands of dollars untapped in the online marketplace.

For this reason, we develop first-class quality web/mobile applications with no-code tools, to help small businesses grow and provide new, valuable and great services to their customers. We also understand that the success of your project depends on how effectively you can communicate your vision. That's why we leverage our expertise in web & mobile app design and product development to create compelling narratives that showcase your ideas' true potential. Our goal is to help you connect with your audience on an emotional level and inspire them to take action.

Our Approach

01.  Discovery

We hold an extensive session to understand our client's requirements, app user flows, business process flows, customer journey maps, user stories, platform roles for multi-platform apps  & scope of work.

02.  Strategy

We proceed to budgeting, cost estimations, defining project road map & defining required pit stop, feature specifications, timeline estimation, quotation and designing offers.

03.  Design

We move forward with UX/UI design, web app & mobile app wireframing, prototyping, defining styles & brand identity, creating components, responsive layouts and pixel-perfect designs.

04.  Web Development

We proceed to end-to-end project development in the professional agile framework using  appropriate tools in industry-standard environments.

05.  QA and Review

We prioritize prototype testing & optimize for load balance. We proceed to bug fixing , make required edits, execute UAT before finally handing over.

06.  Results

We also work on project maintenance and provide continuous development as well as  improvements  & addition of features when required.

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Team Approach

Our team can be tailored to match the size and specific requirements of your project.

Project Manager

Plans, tracks progress, and communicates effectively to guide the team from initial concept to a successful application launch.

UX Designer

Constructs a pixel-perfect, responsive front-end, making sure your application is visually appealing on any device.

Bubble UI Assembler

Develops and/or optimizes your app, ensuring it is designed for complexity and scalability to meet evolving business needs.

Bubble Developer

Develops and/or optimizes your app, ensuring it is designed for complexity and scalability to meet evolving business needs.

QA Specialist

Conducts detailed testing to ensure your app is reliable and error-free.

Our team can be tailored to match the size and specific requirements of your project.

What Our Clients Say

Our  Team Approach

"It was clear that they all worked very well together."

Founder & CEO, DRSI
Borderless Jobs

"Their deep understanding of our business helped them align with our goals."

Founder, Lifalog

'Their communication was always prompt.''

Founder & CEO, Trucking88

"They specialize in Bubble, which is ideal, and take the time to understand our aims."

Executive, Hardcopy

"I was impressed by their speed and value."

Executive, Slo

''NerdHeadz did a great job and delivered a web app that satisfied us.''

Research & Insights Manager, Capitalis

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