Exclusive Peek: Behind Bubble’s New Developer Certification

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Explore Bubble.io's new developer certification, an aid for businesses and startups to gauge the proficiency of no-code developers.
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With the advent of no-code development, platforms like Bubble.io have made software creation significantly more accessible. 

Over the past decade, Bubble.io saw a marked growth in its developer community, which encompasses freelancers and emerging agencies alike.

This ease and low barrier of entry resulted in an influx of developers, many of whom lack in-depth experience when it comes to building apps for business processes. 

However, as the demand for Bubble/no-code apps continues to rise, so does the need for skilled Bubble Developers. And, until recently, businesses and startups had no uniform standard to gauge the proficiency of these developers.

This article introduces the freshly minted certification program by Bubble.io. We'll delve into its objectives and highlight its benefits for both seasoned no-code developers and organizations looking to hire, and we'll offer insights into the examination process and reported preparation strategies.

Why should you become Bubble.io Certified?

Bubble reported having received feedback from prospective clients and hiring agencies, indicating that "Bubble.io expertise" is their top priority when it comes to hiring a no-code developer.

The introduction of the Bubble Developer Certification marks a major advancement in the verification of a developer‘s proficiency,

Notably, it allows clients and businesses to recognize you at a glance as a certified developer and such recognition not only fosters trust but also gives you an edge when clients assess your fit for their no-code projects.

Is the Bubble Certification Different From the Bubble Certified Agency?

The difference between bubble certified agency and bubble developer certification

The Bubble Certified Agency Status is primarily for agencies or organizations that have a track record of delivering projects on the Bubble.io platform. 

It showcases the agency's expertise and proficiency in using Bubble.io to develop applications.

However, the Bubble Developer Certification Program is more for individual developers, regardless of whether they're associated with an agency or freelancing. 

It's a way to validate your personal expertise and skills in using Bubble.io.

Also, the Bubble Certified Agency Status focuses more on project management, client handling, and delivery capabilities of an agency as a collective.

But, the Bubble Developer Certification Program, concentrates more on the technical side of things and aims to ensure that the developer knows how to design, develop, and troubleshoot applications on Bubble.io effectively.

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How Does the Bubble Certification Exam Work?

According to Bubble, when you complete the Bubble Developer Certification exam, you get sent a certificate through email. 

This emailed certificate will carry a distinct QR code tied to your account and will show the date you earned the certification. 

Additionally, you have the convenience of adding this certificate directly to your LinkedIn profile.

This certification holds its validity for a single year from the day you pass the exam. 

The reason, as Bubble states, is their regular updates to the no-code app-building platform, which leads to alterations in the exam content.

For those who don't pass on their first try, Bubble provides two more opportunities within a three-month timeframe. You can choose to immediately retake the exam or take some time to brush up on areas you found challenging. 

The examination is set for 3.5 hours, so Bubble suggests not initiating a retry unless you're fully prepared. 

Furthermore, it's recommended to take advantage of the retry within three months from the date of your initial exam purchase, or else a fresh payment will be required for another attempt.

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What are the topics covered in the Bubble Developer Certification Examination?

Topics covered in the Bubble developer certification

Bubble has identified seven primary categories encompassed in their developer certification program's questions:

1. Bubble Dashboard: 

This includes the test of a developer’s understanding and navigation through the Bubble.io array of tools, configurations, and tabs present in the Bubble's user interface.

2. Design & Aesthetics: 

This includes a test of knowledge in crafting the appearance and ambience of a page, formulating adaptive interfaces, and adjusting the structural hierarchy of elements.

3. User Interface Logic: 

This includes a test of knowledge on the interactions of on-page elements and designing the sequence of tasks they execute.

4. Data Management & Safeguarding: 

This involves a test of the developer’s knowledge in constructing a scalable app database, with a clear demarcation between accessible and confidential data.

5. Server-side Operations: 

This includes tests of knowledge of devising tasks and actions that operate at the app's backend.

6. Interfacing with APIs: 

This includes a test of the developer’s knowledge in establishing links to external APIs and facilitating your Bubble app to function as an API.

7. Optimization & Efficiency: 

This includes a test of knowledge of implementing solutions to ensure the Bubble app's swift and cost-effective performance.

It's noteworthy that the test doesn't delve into plugins, with the sole exception being Bubble's API Connector. Moreover, templates and the Plugin Editor are outside the Bubble developer certification exam's purview.

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Preparations: Is there a way to study for the Bubble certification exam? 

Bubble hasn't provided specific preparation guidelines for their certification exam. This means the exam primarily tests one's hands-on experience and familiarity with the Bubble.io platform, gauged from past app development experience for diverse clients.

To succeed, developers (often referred to as "Bubblers") must tackle 90 questions within three and a half hours, aiming for a minimum of 75% accuracy. 

Questions are varied, ranging from multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank formats.

For those new to Bubble, their official video training programs may serve as a useful primer. 

However, solely relying on these courses might not ensure a passing grade, as the exam demands deeper, practical knowledge.

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Some Concerns Highlighted:

Flusk's team pointed out certain issues with the exam's structure,

They noted that the binary pass-or-fail grading system lacks depth. 

A more nuanced grading approach, categorising a developer’s proficiency in areas like design, backend, logic, and database management, would provide a clearer and more customized snapshot of a developer's expertise.

Also, the test doesn't feature any hands-on tasks. 

Practical exercises would have emulated a real-world scenario, enhancing the assessment of a developer's practical know-how with the Bubble.io platform.

Most importantly, they highlighted the exam's straightforward nature, and shared their rising worries about potential leaks of the answers online, which could jeopardize the certification's overall credibility.

Our Take: How Nerdheadz Is Approaching The New Bubble Developer Certification

Aleksandr Kamenev Bubble Developer Certification

Nerdheadz is committed to delivering top-notch no-code apps to diverse clients. 

To uphold this standard, we've made it a priority for every developer in our team to obtain the Bubble developer certification promptly. 

Leading by example, our CEO, Aleksandr Kamenev, aced the certification exam on his first attempt. 

While our previous clients can vouch for our team's expertise, we still see the merit in standardized proficiency measures. 

Consequently, all our team members are now actively pursuing their Bubble developer certifications.

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Take a Tour Of a Few No-Code Projects completed by the Nerdheads team 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a Web3 Real Estate Marketplace

Take a Tour Of a Few No-Code Projects completed by the Nerdheads team 

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In the rapidly evolving realm of no-code development, platforms like Bubble.io stand out, democratizing software creation. 

While this evolution offers unprecedented opportunities, it also presents challenges, especially in assessing developer proficiency. 

With Bubble's new Developer Certification, there's now a structured way to gauge this expertise. 

However, as highlighted, the certification is not without its concerns, ranging from its grading system to the threat of online answer leaks.

At Nerdheadz, we've embraced this initiative, recognizing the value of having a standardized benchmark. Our team, led by our CEO's commendable example, is on a collective journey towards achieving this certification, underlining our commitment to excellence.

For both new entrants and seasoned professionals in the Bubble.io ecosystem, this certification serves as a testament to skill and a beacon for trust. As the no-code movement grows, measures like these will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping its future and ensuring quality no-code app delivery across the board.


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