Freelance Bubble Developer VS Bubble Agency: Which Is Best For Your Project?

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Explore when and how to choose between a Bubble developer or a Bubble agency for your 2023 no-code Bubble project.
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The common notion prevails among many business owners: hiring a singular Bubble developer seems the more budget-friendly route in contrast to engaging an entire team or a comprehensive no-code web design agency.

However, reality often paints a different picture, revealing that the decision to hire a no-code developer can be more detrimental than beneficial when compared to opting for a proficient no-code agency.

In this article, we’ll highlight instances where choosing a agency aligns with cost-effectiveness and streamlined business processes, trumping the alternative of hiring a lone Bubble developer.

Before we delve into these crucial scenarios, let's first address the foundational question:

What is


In the past, building an app (whether a web app or mobile app) required you to follow two standard approaches.

1. You can either learn how to write codes or 

2. You hire a group of people who learned how to write codes

The former option poses a significant barrier for non-technical individuals, while the latter often means you incur substantial expenses.

However, a transformative shift is transpiring through as the platform is effectively bridging the gap by providing a comprehensive solution.

Bubble empowers individuals devoid of coding expertise to actualize their vision and craft their own applications

How Does Help You Do This?

At its core, Bubble functions as a no-code visual programming platform. 

Its intrinsic purpose lies in facilitating the creation of software and applications, leveraging graphical elements and images as vehicles to articulate computing logic. 

This novel approach transcends the conventional reliance on text-based coding. 

Bubble excels particularly in crafting responsive web and mobile apps, replete with dynamic databases and intricate functionality.

How The Platform Works

The Bubble visual editor, the core of creating your app on, doesn't rely on traditional coding. 

Instead, it operates with a user-friendly point-and-click approach, consisting of three essential components:

1. The Design Component: This helps you craft pixel-perfect user interfaces by dragging and dropping elements onto each page.

2. The Database Component: This allows you to construct a customized relational database structure tailored to your needs.

3. The Workflow Component: This involves defining the sequence of actions your app should take in response to specific events, such as 

"When a user clicks a particular button, save the data from the input to specific fields, and redirect the user to the app checkout page."

At any juncture, you can preview your app to ensure it functions correctly. 

Once satisfied, you can publish your changes, making your app live on your custom domain – and ready for action!

Beneath the surface, translates your visual editor setup into browser-readable codes (HTML and Javascript). 

Hence, while it's termed "no-code," there is indeed code involved; it's just handled behind the scenes, sparing you the need to write it manually.

Why Business Owners Hire A Bubble Developer Instead of An Agency

1. They Seek Lower Costs. 

Most business owners hold a strong belief that hiring a developer will be much cheaper than hiring a full-time web design agency. 

2. They Seek More Control Over The Development Process. 

When you hire developers, you seem to have control of the project development process. 

You are very linked to the development process and may also get to choose the features and functionality that you want within your website or application.

3. They Seek Flexibility

Most business owners believe that hiring a developer provides more flexibility as it allows them to work with someone who is more adaptable to quick developments within their project. 

They believe agencies might consume more time to implement new features or changes due to their standard processes.

Want to find out if you need a Bubble agency or a Bubble developer for your project? 

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Drawbacks To Hiring A Bubble Developer Instead Of A Bubble Agency in 2023

While hiring a developer might seem like a cost-effective solution for your project, it often comes with several drawbacks that can hinder your project's success and longevity. 

Here are a few handpicked disadvantages that have been reported by multiple Bubble clients.

1. A Limited Skillset: 

A Bubble developer might possess expertise primarily in development or a tiny aspect of development, which can be limiting if your project requires additional aspects like UX/UI design, project management, strategies and features that ease your market entry. 

A Bubble agency like Nerdheadz, on the other hand, often comprises a diverse team of highly skilled individuals with various skill sets that can contribute holistically to your project.

2. Not accommodative Of Scalability: 

If your Bubble project expands or requires additional features, a single developer will often struggle to accommodate the increased workload. 

A Bubble agency is better equipped to handle scalability by allocating resources as needed.

3. Limited Availability:

Hiring a single bubble developer could mean limited availability for communication and updates, especially if they're freelancing and working on multiple projects simultaneously. 

An agency like Nerdheadz often provides dedicated points of contact and structured communication channels.

4. Technical Dependency Issues: 

Due to their structured processes and documentation strategies, Bubble agencies like Nerdheadz offer smoother transitions. 

Relying solely on a single bubble developer might create dependency, making it difficult to transition or transfer your Bubble project if and when necessary. 

5. A Single Point of Failure

For existing or running projects, relying on a single bubble developer can pose risks if that individual becomes unavailable due to illness, personal emergencies, or other unforeseen circumstances. 

A Bubble agency like Nerdheadz offers a safety net as it contains multiple team members who can step in and ensure the project's continuity and a lack of disruption in your business processes.

6. Narrower Perspective: 

A single Bubble developer might have a more limited perspective and experience, which can result in missing out on innovative ideas and approaches that a team within a bubble agency like Nerdheadz will collectively brainstorm and implement.

7. Constraints In Resources: 

While a single bubble developer might face limitations in terms of time and resources, potentially leading to delays in project timelines or stretched capacities. 

A bubble agency typically has more resources available to manage multiple projects concurrently without compromising on quality.

8. Comprehensive Support: 

A bubble developer will often offer limited post-development support, whereas a bubble agency like Nerdheadz often provides ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical assistance for the long-term health of your no-code application.

Download Free PDF: Discover Nerdheadz Ongoing Support Plans 

9. Quality Control: 

With a single bubble developer, quality control might be less rigorous, as a non-dedicated QA engineer will not have the same level of accountability and review mechanisms that a typical agency would maintain.

A Bubble agency like Nerdheadz has dedicated QA engineers who find and collaborate with developers to fix bugs in a product or program before its launch.

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When To Hire A Bubble Developer For Your No-Code Project

With all of the drawbacks listed above, there are certain instances where hiring a Bubble developer might be the most suitable line of action for your business. 

Such instances include: 

1. For Small Projects: 

For relatively small-scale projects that require minimal development and customization, such as building a simple no-code landing page, hiring a Bubble developer might be a cost-effective and fast choice.

2. Seeking Specific Expertise

If your project demands a very niche skill set that a specialized Bubble developer possesses, it could make sense to hire an individual with that expertise.

3. When You Need Quick Solutions

When you need a quick solution in a simple prototype, a freelance Bubble developer can provide a fast turnaround without the need for an extensive agency process.

4. Limited Budget With A Small Project: 

If you have budget constraints and your project is small and straightforward, 

A freelance Bubble developer might be more affordable than engaging an agency.

Want to find out if you need a Bubble agency or a Bubble developer for your project? 

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When To Hire A Agency Like Nerdheadz For Your No-Code Project.

1. When You’re Working On A Complex Project

For larger or more complex projects such as marketplaces, SaaS tools, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM systems that require multi-faceted development, user experience design, and strategic planning, 

A bubble agency like Nerdheadz is better equipped to handle the scope and intricacies of such projects.

2. When Your Project Requires Diverse Skillsets 

Bubble agencies like Nerdheadz often have teams and team members with diverse skill sets, which often include user experience designers, multiple Bubble development specialists, project managers and strategists who come together to provide a holistic approach to your project.

If you have a project with the likelihood of huge success. 

It is often better to approach a Bubble agency from the onset rather than a bubble developer

3. When You Seek A Full-Service Approach To Your Project 

If you need assistance beyond development, such as UI/UX design, product strategy, project management, and ongoing app support, bubble agencies like Nerdheadz rather than bubble developers often offer comprehensive packages.

4. When Your Project Requires A Long-Term Relationship

If your project requires ongoing maintenance, application or software updates and continuous feature improvements, for example in an MVP requiring iterative development,

A bubble agency like Nerdheadz is more suited to provide long-term collaboration and support.

5. When Your Project Requires Scalability

If your project starts small but has the potential to grow, hiring a Bubble agency provides the resources and scalability measures needed to accommodate expansion.

6. When Your Project Requires Complex Integrations

When your application needs to integrate with external systems through APIs, or services such as AI integration,

A bubble agency like Nerdheadz has the expertise required to handle such complexities.

A single bubble developer will be limited in their knowledge of integration across complex systems

7. When Your Bubble Project Requires Regulatory Compliance

If your project requires adherence to specific industry regulations such as data privacy standards and industry compliance,

A bubble agency has the manpower to monitor and ensure compliance across the board.

Why You Should Hire A Agency like Nerdheadz

To circumvent the problems faced by most businesses and business owners in hiring Bubble agencies, which includes

1. Being forced to choose Bubble developers due to budget constraints, 

2. Flexibility of new implementations in an app and 

3. More control and input over an app’s development process, 

Nerdheadz offers these three solutions. 

1. An hourly payment model: 

In an hourly rate model, the Bubble agency charges an hourly rate for the time spent on your project. 

This model is often used when the project scope is not fully defined, or there is a likelihood of changes and iterations during development.

Nerdheadz uses this model because it offers flexibility and also requires effective communication and tracking to manage costs that have been fully hacked by the team.

Discover Nerdheadz's hourly rate approach for your project.

2. An Agile development process

This complements the hourly rate model used by the Nerdheadz team.

Nerdheadz develops projects using the agile methodology- which allows for continuous iterations and allows an app owner to make input and contributions to their app during the course of design and development.

3. Faster Time To Market

Due to the combination of the agile methodology and development process and the flexibility of payment practised by the Nerdheadz team’

You can build MVPs with minimal functionalities faster and on a low budget to test concepts and startup ideas in live markets with real customers

You can also make iterations to the app and app structure based on feedback and reviews received from users.

Want to find out if you need a Bubble agency or a developer for your project? 

Complete this form to secure one of the three available weekly slots for a free 30-minute project roadmap consultation.

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Few No-code projects developed by the Nerdheadz team

Take a Tour Of a Few No-Code Projects completed by the Nerdheads team 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a Web3 Real Estate Marketplace

Take a Tour Of a Few No-Code Projects completed by the Nerdheads team 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a Web3 Real Estate Marketplace

Take a Tour Of a Few No-Code Projects completed by the Nerdheads team 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a Web3 Real Estate Marketplace

Take a Tour Of a Few No-Code Projects completed by the Nerdheads team 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a Web3 Real Estate Marketplace

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Propbase MVP

Propbase MVP

This MVP for a Web3 real estate marketplace for investing in tokenized real estate properties puts our client at the forefront of an industry estimated to be worth $16 trillion by 2030.

Diadem Capital

Diadem Capital

In 2022, Diadem Capital raised $18.2 million through its 5 pilot companies, and in 2023, Diadem Capital has created 700+ Venture Capital, Corporate VC, and Lender relationships- managed through their no-code web app.


In making your decision between hiring a Bubble developer or a Bubble agency, it's crucial to align with your project's specific needs and objectives.

For smaller and straightforward projects, engaging a Bubble developer can be a practical choice, whereas more intricate, long-term, or multifaceted endeavours often benefit from the extensive skills and resources that a Bubble agency brings to the table.

Moreover, your decision may also hinge on your project's vision and its potential for growth. It's often advantageous to start small but with scalability in mind. 

Planning for future expansion right from the outset is typically more seamless and cost-effective than hiring a Bubble developer for a small project without leaving room for future growth.


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