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Social Wellness


UX/UI & End-to-End Development

Social Wellness Platform

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No-code web and mobile application with AI chat assistant enabling grievers to upload life logs and obituaries
A screenshot of a no-code web and mobile app called Lifalog - created b Nerdheadz


Our project goal was to build a bug-free web and mobile application that enables grievers to post obituaries via chat interactions with an AI assistant and share memories using predesigned reflection prompts.

A picture of a dashboard for chat interactions in a  o-code app


Lifalog obituary builder was crafted in a chat format, integrating APIs with an AI assistant tool. It includes a manual obituary building feature, a search feature for tracking individual "lifalogs," and capabilities for grievers to upload memories in PNG and JPEG formats using reflection prompts.

Software architecture for Lifalog - a no-code web and mobile app


Manual and AI-powered chat tool for building obituary, search feature based on preset criteria, and Image upload features.

A screenshot of core features f Lifalog - a no-code software created by nerdheadz


The Lifalog app was originally self-developed by the client to facilitate reflection and remembrance for grievers, without the consistent pressure to swiftly move on.

However, the initial version required a lot of bug fixing and alterations, therefore we decided to start anew, reconstructing the app from scratch to better align with the distinct essence of the Lifalog service.

Throughout this process, we maintained close collaboration with the client, striving to create a product that not only fulfils their current business requirements but also possesses the potential for future monetization and scalability.

What did the process look like?

01.  Discovery

We hold an extensive session to understand our client's requirements, app user flows, business process flows, customer journey maps, user stories, platform roles for multi-platform apps  & scope of work.

02.  Strategy

We proceed to budgeting, cost estimations, defining project road map & defining required pit stop, feature specifications, timeline estimation, quotation and designing offers.

03.  Design

We move forward with UX/UI design, web app & mobile app wireframing, prototyping, defining styles & brand identity, creating components, responsive layouts and pixel-perfect designs.

04.  Web development

We proceed to end-to-end project development in the professional agile framework using  appropriate tools in industry-standard environments.

05.  QA and review

We prioritize prototype testing & optimize for load balance. We proceed to bug fixing , make required edits, execute UAT before finally handing over.

06.  Results

We also work on project maintenance and provide continuous development as well as  improvements  & addition of features when required.
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