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NerdHeadz, Indonesia


AI Estimation Tool


UX/UI & Development

Cost & Efforts Estimating Application

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The app is designed to assist startups and business owners in planning their software development projects. It aims to provide an AI-driven estimation of the necessary development efforts for their product ideas.


Our primary objective was to facilitate the process of project planning by giving a detailed timeline and cost breakdown, making it easier for Startups and Business Owners to follow the development process from start to launch.


The app is built upon a robust architecture integrating OpenAI's algorithms. This enables an interactive chat experience that adapts to user responses, offering a tailored understanding of each project's scope.


AI-powered estimation algorithms for accurate effort and cost predictions; Intuitive chat interface that guides users through a detailed information-gathering process; Automated generation of tailored development timelines and efforts breakdown.


We crafted a solution that empowers entrepreneurs to turn their visions into executable plans.

By leveraging AI technology, we've developed an app that not only predicts development efforts but also engages users in a conversational manner to extract essential project details.

The result is a user-friendly platform that makes clearer the planning phase for Startups and Business Owners, providing them with a detailed forecast of the time and financial investment necessary to bring their products to market. 

What did the process look like?

01.  Discovery

We hold an extensive session to understand our client's requirements, app user flows, business process flows, customer journey maps, user stories, platform roles for multi-platform apps  & scope of work.

02.  Strategy

We proceed to budgeting, cost estimations, defining project road map & defining required pit stop, feature specifications, timeline estimation, quotation and designing offers.

03.  Design

We move forward with UX/UI design, web app & mobile app wireframing, prototyping, defining styles & brand identity, creating components, responsive layouts and pixel-perfect designs.

04.  Web development

We proceed to end-to-end project development in the professional agile framework using  appropriate tools in industry-standard environments.

05.  QA and review

We prioritize prototype testing & optimize for load balance. We proceed to bug fixing , make required edits, execute UAT before finally handing over.

06.  Results

We also work on project maintenance and provide continuous development as well as  improvements  & addition of features when required.
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