The 5 Best Templates For Your 2024 No-Code Project.

Explore our list of the best templates suitable for your Minimum Viable Product, Blogging Apps, CRM Systems, Social Media and On-Demand Apps in 2023.
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Top 10 no-code app builders for 2024: Create apps without coding. Simplify development process

Best Templates (2024) - Introduction

Bubble is a no-code platform used by over 2 million users worldwide to build digital products, ranging from simple websites to complex SaaS tools, eCommerce marketplaces, CRM systems, and full-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools

The no-code platform uses a simple drag-and-drop visual editor which eliminates the need to write computer code and allows users to create standard eCommerce marketplaces quickly, as well as web & mobile minimum viable products (MVPs), in shorter time frames. 

Additionally, Bubble provides users with the flexibility to design custom logged-in user experiences which includes user flows, custom data management and app logic. offers its users various resources, such as boot camps, forums, plugins and templates, to aid in the successful development of their first no-code application.

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What are Templates? templates are pre-built designs that are made available on the platform by the Bubble community, which includes several developers and agencies and the Bubble team itself. 

These templates serve as the foundation for no-code app development and can range from simple landing pages to complex web applications. templates are often fully customizable to meet your project needs, which means you can edit & delete components to suit your specific requirements. Also, using these templates can save you the time and effort that would normally be spent creating entire projects from scratch.

Using these templates can also serve as a guide for best practices in app designs and functionality, ensuring that your app is both visually appealing and highly functional as per industry standards. 

5 Advantages Of Using A Template

Using templates for your no-code app development already provides significant advantages such as:

  • Time and effort saving: By using pre-built templates, you can reduce the time and effort needed for your no-code app development by a significant amount.
  • Standard practices in web design and development: If you’re new to no-Code development, using templates provide a framework for best practices in design, ensuring that your app is up to standard.
  • Customizable: Since templates can be customized to fit your project needs, you can use these templates to create unique apps by making custom edits to their components.
  • User-friendly: Bubble templates are designed to be user-friendly for non-technical users, making it easier to build apps without needing to write code.
  • Cost-effective: Using templates can be cost-effective, as they eliminate the need for expensive custom development work, saving you money in the  short run.

3 Common Disadvantages of Using Templates

Before taking the decision to use templates for your no-code project, here are some common drawbacks you may want to consider:

  • Limited Customization: While templates are highly customizable, there may be some constraints on the extent of customization you can achieve, particularly if you lack expertise in coding or in using the platform.
  • Lack of Uniqueness: Since templates are widely accessible to a lot of users, there is a possibility that other app owners will utilize the same template as your website. This results in a less distinctive online presence and less differentiation in your market.
  • Potential Bugs or Errors: Although templates are crafted with care and well-tested, there is still a chance that they’ll contain bugs or errors. Rectifying these bugs can be time-consuming if you are not familiar with the Bubble platform.

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6 Major Categories Of  App Templates templates are designed to cater to various businesses with diverse web and mobile app formats, incorporating industry-standard practices. 

These formats are classified into specific categories to facilitate easy identification and selection, some of which are: 

  • Blog & Blogging Templates
  • CRM Templates
  • Socials & Social Media Templates
  • Directories & Listings
  • Portfolio & Professional Services Templates
  • On-Demand Services Templates.

Category 1: Blog Template & Blog Engine Templates

No-code bubble templates for blogging: Create stunning blogs effortlessly without any coding skills
Best No-code Blogging Templates blogging templates are pre-designed templates that bloggers use as a foundation to create their web apps. These templates typically include a set of pages that make up a complete blog, such as

  • A homepage or a general blogging landing page: which serves as the main landing page of the blog and introduces visitors to the content,
  • An “about” page: that provides information about the blogger and their background
  • A “contact” page: that allows visitors to get in touch with the blogger
  • An individual ‘blog post’ page: that showcases the blog content. no-code app builder blogging templates offer an easy and efficient way for bloggers to create their web apps without having to code. 

Additionally, some templates may include pages for categories, archives, and search functions to make it easier for visitors to navigate the blog.

5 Best Template For Your 2024 Blogging Projects

  • “Hear Me”  Blog template: Appassion released the free "Hear Me" blog template in January 2022, and it has received over 1500 installs on, with users rating it at 4.9. The template features full mobile responsiveness and optimal function across multiple devices.
  • “Multipurpose Blog” Template: Published by Try no-code in 2020, with over 1100 installs and a rating of 4.3. This blog template is available with no paid plugins and fully customizable SEO features.
  • “Your Personal Blog” Template: is free and focuses on personal brand blogs, published in August 2022, this blog template boasts 273 installs, a responsive UI and a timeline page that allows personal brands to showcase their journey.
  • “Sporty Labs” Blog Template: created with sports showcase in mind, this template is priced at $18, with a mobile responsive UI, and an awards, stats, players profiles, teams, and games page.

You can also use the Twitter API to bring the most recent team tweets to the teams page on the blog. 

  • Markdown converter blog template: This minimalist blog template costs $29 with a modern responsive UI and a rating of 5.0. It allows the addition of new admins by a super admin, however, it only has 13+ installs till date.

Not sure how to get started? Reach out to the Nerdheadz team to learn how to get started for free, or

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Category 2: Bubble CRM System Templates

Explore the top 5 no-code CRM web app templates for effortless development
Best No-code CRM Web App Templates CRM (Customer Relationship Management) templates are pre-designed templates that businesses use as a foundation to manage their customer data, interactions, and sales pipeline. 

These templates typically include a set of pages that make up a complete CRM system, such as:

  • The dashboard: which provides a high-level overview of the business's sales and customer data.
  • A contacts page: which displays customer information such as phone numbers & emails.
  • A sales pipeline page or funnels: that tracks sales opportunities and customers’ lifecycle stages or lifetime value (LTV).
  • A tasks & task management page: for internal team collaboration and
  • A reports page: that offers insights and analytics on the business's performance.

Some no-code templates also include custom pages for marketing automation, customer service, and integration with other tools to make the CRM system more effective.

5 Best CRM Template For 2024 CRM Projects

Published by Eazycode in January 2020, this template is free, with over 2.9k installs and a 5.0 user rating. 

  • CRM & Sales Pipeline Lite-Template: is a no-code CRM tool designed to provide a visual representation of your sales process. The Lite version is different from the CRM & Sales Pipeline in it’s truncated version of admin panel/dashboard. 

Published by Zeroqcode in April 2022, this template is free, with over 1.5k installs and a 5.0 user rating.

Published by Zeroqcode in April 2018, this template is responsive, has over 125 installs and a 5.0 user rating.

  • CRM Dashboard + Landing Page: Published in June 2020, recently updated in March 2023 with over 78 installs and priced at $89, this CRM template allows for easy collaboration among teams, assigning staffs to tasks, and adding notes to customers.
  • Ez CRM Dashboard 2.0: No-code responsive CRM template designed to serve agencies & provide collaboration within the company teams.

This CRM template was published by Eazycode in March 2022, with a responsive design, over 56 installs and a 5.0 user rating.

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Category 3: Socials & Social Media App Templates

Create your own social app effortlessly with these top-rated no-code templates.
Best No-code Social App Templates social media templates are designed such that individuals or businesses can use them as a foundation to create no-code social media web or mobile apps.

These templates typically include a set of pages that make up a complete social media site, such as 

  • The homepage: serving as the main landing page of the platform and introduces visitors to the content
  • Personal profile page: or user’s page that displays the user’s information and activity.
  • A feeds page: that showcases all of the user-generated content based on preset criteria and
  • A messaging or chats page: that allow users to communicate with each other

Most social media templates are designed such that the platform offers numerous customization options to ensure that users can make their platform unique and tailor it to their specific style and brand. 

This enables users to build audiences, engage with their audience, grow their following and improve their overall social media presence.

5 Best Social Media Template For 2024 Social Media Projects

This no-code template is free to use, has over 2.9k installs and a 3.1 user rating. 

Free to use, and with over 2.5k installs and this social messaging apps template as a 3.9 user rating on

  • Hearty-Advance Tinder/WA Clone: Built combining tinder-like features and WhatsApp-like Chat capacity, this social media app template was published by Visual code to in March 2021.

Priced at $169, this template has over 30 installs and a 5.0 rating on 

Published to in July 2021, this social template is priced at $199, has over 20 installs and a 5.0 rating.

  • JustFans - OnlyFans Clone: a social media app template designed to look like OnlyFans. This template provides interfaces that allows creators share content, and supports users' subscriptions.

Published to in October 2021, with over 30 installs and a 5.0 rating, this template is priced at $149 on

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2. Find out how long and how much it takes to build a typical no-code social media app for free with Nerdheadz project estimation tool

Category 4: Directories & Listings Templates

5 no-code directory app templates: a collection of the top options for creating directory apps without coding
Best No-code Directory App Templates

The main purpose of a no-code directory or listing template is to organize and present information in a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate manner. 

In no-code web development, a directory or listing template is a pre-built design and structure for a web page that displays a collection of entities like products, services, or articles, in a hierarchical or flat format.

The pages that would be found in a directory or listing template might include: 

  • A home or landing page: to provide an overview of the directory or listing and highlight featured items or categories.
  • A search and filter page: that allows users to refine their search based on various criteria, such as price, location, or category.
  • A results page: to display the matching items in a structured and visual format, with options to sort and paginate the results, and
  • Individual item page: to provide detailed information about each item, including images, descriptions, reviews, and related items.

Each page is expected to have specific features and design elements to enhance the user experience and provide easy access to their desired information.

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5 Best Template For Your 2024 Directories & Listings Projects

Photo Splash Image Directory: built similar to Unsplash, this template includes a login feature, directory search & images download functionality, and a backend to upload images to the database. 

Published by Teleo Creatives in June 2022, this template is free with over 251 installs.

Direxact Template: This responsive template allows adding restaurants, lodgings and landmarks, and can be used to create other types of directories. This template was designed to appear similar to Yelp and Trip Advisor, has 128 installs, a 5.0 rating, and is priced at $69.

Location-Based Reviews: also like Yelp, this no-code template was designed for discovering the best businesses located in a certain area, based on user reviews and ratings.

Published by Zeroqcodes in December 2016, this template has over 120 installs, a 4.3 rating, and is priced at $99.

Boardly - Job Board: This responsive template was designed as a template for directories that connect recruiters to candidates. 

Also, it’s priced at $99, has over 60 installs, and has a total rating of 4.0.

Tables Page block template: This responsive no-code directories template allows you to order & tabulate teams, products or order information and search through the database. 

Published by Zeroqcode, this template is priced at $29, has over 10 installs, and has a total rating of 5.0.

Building a no-code directories app?, check how long it takes and how much it costs for free here.

Category 5: Portfolio & Professional Services Template

Best looking no-code portfolio web app templates
Best No-code Portfolio Web App Templates

Typically, a portfolio or professional services template includes pages that highlight an individual, a company or an agency’s background, skills, services, experience, projects, and testimonials.

A well-designed portfolio website can help establish credibility, showcase expertise, generate leads and attract new business opportunities when customized to fit your specific needs.

The pages that would be included in a portfolio or professional services template include 

  • A home or landing page: that provides a brief overview of the individual or company's offerings and directs visitors to other pages on the website.
  • An “about us” page: that provides detailed information about the individual or company's years in business, experience, and skills.
  • A services page: listing the services being offered, with descriptions and price information as appropriate. 
  • A portfolio or projects page: that showcases previous work, with images and descriptions. 
  • A testimonials page: that features reviews and recommendations from previous clients and employers and 
  • A contact page: meant to provide a way for visitors to get in touch with the individual or company, either through a contact form, direct calls or by scheduling a meeting.

Overall, using a portfolio or professional services template in can help you create a polished and professional web application that effectively showcases your skills and offerings to potential clients or employers.

Discover the typical duration and cost estimation for building an industry standard professional services web app using

5 Best Template For Your 2024 Portfolio Projects

  • Porfoli'up - Freelance Design: This responsive template for freelancers serves as both a skill showcase website and a web app that provides logged-in user experience for leads management, project sales & messaging.

Published by Build Up, this template is free to use, has over 470 installs, and has a total rating of 5.0.

  • Personal Portfolio:  Published in January 2023. This portfolio template has a simple & modern UI, over 200 installs on Bubble, a 5.0 rating and is free to use.
  • Lean Horizontal Portfolio: This responsive template has a horizontal display for portfolio items to showcase a freelancer's journey & projects over a period of time. 

Published by Codeless Native, this template is priced at $29, has 37 installs, and has a total rating of 3.5.

  • Ez Photographer: This modern minimalistic template was designed specifically for artists, photographers, and design freelancers and contains a gallery for image showcase. 

Published by Eazycode in January 2022, this no-code template is priced at $69, has 6 installs, and has a total rating of 5.0.

  • Creative Agency: Published in February 2023, with 39 installs, this responsive template was designed as a no-code showcase web app for service agencies. 

Category 6: On-Demand Services Templates.

Eye-catching no-code on-demand app templates
Best No-code On-Demand App Templates

A on-demand services template is a pre-built design structured to allow users to request and book services on-demand from service providers. 

Typically, an on-demand services template includes pages that allow users to browse available services, book appointments, manage bookings, and communicate with service providers in a user-friendly environment.

The pages that would be included in an on-demand services template on will include 

  • A home or landing page: to provide an overview of the on-demand services offered, with options to browse available services or search for specific services.
  • A services page: that lists available services, with detailed descriptions, pricing information, and service provider profiles. 
  • A booking page: to book appointments with service providers, with options to select service type, date, time, and payment information.
  • A bookings management page: that allows users to view and manage their current and past bookings, with options to reschedule or cancel appointments and
  • A messaging or chats page: to communicate with service providers before, during, and after appointments, with options for text, voice, or video messaging.

An on-demand services web app template in will help you create a robust web application, such as a food delivery app that connects service providers to customers in a seamless environment.

5 Best On-Demand Template For 2024 On-Demand Services Projects

  • Restaurant Ordering & Delivery: Designed to have a similar outlook to the KFC food app, this template has features to make meal orders and manage received orders. 

Published by Open Project in October 2021, this no-code template is free, has 2000+ installs, and has a total rating of 3.7.

  • Service Platform TaskRabbit: This template is designed ​​similarly to TaskRabbit, and contains interfaces for users to connect with skilled taskers to help with cleaning, furniture assembly, home repairs and running errands.

Published by Open Project in December 2021, this no-code template is free, has 1,300+ installs, and has a 5.0 rating.

Uploaded to in June 2022, with 872 installs and a rating of 4.5, this template is free to use & available in the template marketplace. 

  • Food Delivery like Uber Eats: This responsive no-code template for a food delivery app features automated split payments for riders, restaurants and all parties involved in executing an order instance. 

This template is priced at $299, has 351 installs, a 3.5 rating, and requires 2 paid plugins. 

  • PetSitter Marketplace: This fully functioning and responsive web app contains designed interfaces that allow for ease of connection between professionals & employers. 

This template is priced at $349, has 5 installs, a 5.0 rating, and requires 2 paid plugins. 

Building an on-demand services app? Use Nerdheadz's free project estimation tool to discover how long it takes!

Why We Don’t Use Templates At Nerdheadz. 

Although we recognize and have previously recommended several templates for those who are new to no-code app development, it's important to note that these templates are not always the optimal choice due to potential risks. 

For this reason, we do not utilize these templates for our clients at Nerdheadz.

Some of the risks associated with using templates include:

  • Limited Customization and Lack of Uniqueness: When using a template, the extent of customization you can achieve may be limited, resulting in a lack of uniqueness compared to other products in the market. 

At Nerdheadz, we find that the majority of our clients prefer custom-designed web and mobile apps to differentiate themselves and stand out from competitors.

  • Dependency on third-party tools: Many templates rely on third-party tools and plugins, which can cause issues if those tools are no longer supported or updated. 

This can result in unexpected downtime, security vulnerabilities, and app functionality issues that can affect your user experience.

  • Difficulty in Upgrading: Using a template to build an MVP for your project may seem like a quick solution. 

However, as your project grows and evolves, making significant customizations to the existing template can be challenging, time-consuming and result in longer downtime for your website or even require a complete rebuild of the project. 

  • Relatively More Expensive: Although many templates offer free plans, using advanced features typically require a paid plan. 

Moreover, customization and maintenance of projects can be time-consuming and still necessitate the assistance of a professional, resulting in additional costs.

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Recommended Strategy For Using Templates. 

Need a custom-built no-code app?, Reach out to Nerdheadz to learn how to get started for free.

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