Nerdheadz Announces Partnership with Flusk! - Let's Explore Agency partners with Flusk for certified app security and protecting clients' data.
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On 29th May 2023, Nerdheadz announces its partnership with Flusk to provide app security to Apps. Designs Agency, a leading design and development agency based in Bali, Indonesia, is proud to announce its partnership with Flusk, a professional app security team. 

The partnership will enable Nerdheadz to provide certified app security services to its clients for their apps.

With 89% of top apps being vulnerable to malicious attacks, this partnership is aimed at improving the security of Nerdhead-built no-code applications and protecting them from these attacks.. 

With Flusk's expertise, Nerdheadz can ensure that its clients' personal data is protected and in compliance with personal data laws. 

This partnership will also enable Nerdheadz to optimize app security to recent operating system requirements.

Aleksandr Kamenev, CEO of Nerdheadz, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, 

"I am glad that we became certified partners of Flusk. This partnership will help us better serve our clients with our promise of updated data security."

Flusk's Vault tool retains its position in the top 1% of apps security, and its professional team of apps security experts provide constant data leak checks and tests on deploy features in their tools. 

This makes Flusk an ideal partner for Nerdheadz to ensure the security of apps developed and designed by the Nerdheadz team.

Nerdheadz is committed to providing its clients and their users with premium and updated security on their data and web activities. 

With this partnership, Nerdheadz can ensure that its clients' apps are secured by a trusted and professional app security team.

The partnership with Flusk will enable Nerdheadz to offer enhanced security services to new and existing clients, ensuring their apps are secure and in compliance with regulations. 

This partnership represents a major milestone for Nerdheadz and Flusk and highlights their commitment to delivering top-quality app development and security services to clients worldwide.

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